What we do

Section, detail and perspective of a 4-row freestall barn.With more than ten years of experience as an active central farm planning team, we have well developed routines to document customer needs and develop customized proposals adapted to each customer’s local conditions. An extensive network within DeLaval provides your local DeLaval organisation with access to a global library of material related to dairy farm design. 

Milking solution adapted to individual needs

We work with advanced simulation tools to calculate herd size and volumes of input and output on the farm, as well as for economic simulations.

We undertake in-depth analysis of the milking capacity of different milking solutions, ranging from heavy duty rotary to small tandem parlours, to ensure that our customers get the right milking solution adapted to their individual needs.

We visualize the solution

Projects are designed with the latest CAD technology in 3D, which enables us to visualize our solutions for better understanding and communication with our customers.

With this in-house functionality we can ensure that our designs are fully adapted to the DeLaval solution in all fields – from milking and manure handling to barn stalling and calf rearing.

4-row freestall barn

Section, detail and perspective of a 4-row freestall barn. 

Freestall housing

Perspective drawing of a site for 1000 cows with freestall housing.

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