Efficient Milking has been written to provide the base knowledge level and understanding of the complex subject of milk extraction to all DeLaval employees worldwide. It is from these physiological, biological and behavioral platforms that DeLaval products are developed. Our philosophy is to work in harmony with biology, the environment, and the natural processes of life toward optimum harvesting of nature’s most perfect food milk.

A wider use of this booklet in our dairy industry is encouraged. Copies will be made available in a variety of the world’s languages by DeLaval market companies. The many colourful and useful illustrations are available from DeLaval for formal training and instruction in dairy courses and institutes simply by contacting DeLaval wherever you are.

The author of Efficient Milking is Dr Kerstin Svennersten-Sjaunja, Dr Svennersten- Sjaunja’s PhD in Animal Science is a collaborative work of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, DeLaval, and Karolinska Institute. Dr Svennersten-Sjaunja’s key research interest centers around lactation. No publication would be complete without providing recognition of those who collaborated with the author. While not practical to mention all contributors the following individuals are cited for their special efforts:

Dr Hans Wiktorsson, Dr Lennart Nelson, Mr Kjell Smidner, Mr Lennart Söderman, Dr Ole Lind, Mr Benny Örnerfors,

Finally, special recognition goes to Mr Gunnar Borgström whose illustrations bring the text to life in so many creative ways. 

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Efficient milking

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