5. Caring for your cows


Care for your animals and keep your herd healthy

Keeping your animals in top health lifts productivity, milk quality and profitability.

Producing high quality milk is just one part of the successful milk harvesting equation. We help you manage the health of each individual cow with a huge variety of safety, hygiene and cleaning tools to enhance herd comfort and  significantly reduce cleaning, water and feed costs.

DeLaval automated footbath AFB1000

Prevention is better than cure – healthy hooves give happy cows. Automate your farm’s hoof care routine for optimum results: Pre-bath with DeLaval hoof cleaner HC40 followed by a disinfecting bath with 4Hooves.  

Robot scraper RS250

A robot that cleans up after cows and helps improve hygiene and hoof health. Fully automated cleaning of slatted floors with an integrated cow safety system.



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