1. Managing your herd

Herd Navigator, a tool for managing your herd

Take control, know your herd

The more you know about your herd, the more you can increase your farm’s profitability.

Everything you do as a dairy farmer is shaped by your need to manage your herd in the most resource efficient, productive and profitable way.

Herd Navigator™

Take the guesswork out of decision making and improve performance and profitability. Net potential profit improvements of 250-350 euro per cow per year. Heat detection rates of at least 95%. Proactive detection of mastitis and ketosis. 

VMS with Herd Navigator™

Add proactive analysis to the VMS and see results multiply. A highly profitable investment for all farms giving better calf health, labour savings and potential future milk yield. 

VMS with DeLaval online cell counter OCC

The power of knowing somatic cell counts gives more profitable milk production. DeLaval OCC gives you a level of knowledge and control that precisely identifies acute mastitis and closely follows-up sub-clinical cases. 

Parallel HD Champion with Herd Navigator™

Combine a hard-working champion with an award-winning navigator. A hard-working parlour designed for 24/7 operation coupled with Herd Navigator™ for on-farm analysis. That’s a relationship built to last.

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