4. Maintaining your milk quality

Buffer cooling tank

Secure milk quality; cool and clean efficiently

By sustaining and enhancing milk quality with the right cooling process, you lift your profitability even more

You need the milk cooling and cleaning systems that can boost both capacity and energy efficiency and maximise your profits by reducing costs.

DeLaval cooling tank DXVV

A faster way to cool small quantities of milk for VMS farmers that also saves space. A vertical silo cooling tank purpose-built for the VMS. Small amounts cooled quickly, starting at just 50 litres. Easy to maintain and space saving. 

Buffering solution for VMS

A real top milker never stops; not even when the milk tank is being emptied and cleaned. Purpose-built for VMS, the cost-effective buffering solution keeps milking running smoothly. VMS stays online and cows are milked 24/7.  

DeLaval cooling tank DXCE

Fast cooling is the only way to retain milk quality and command the highest milk prices. Designed to safeguard quick cooling and short machine running time. Automatic cleaning at the touch of a button with any of six cleaning units.

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