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Services service man and manure scraper in farm

When every cow drops around 50 kg of manure per day, you really don’t want your manure scraping equipment to break down – ever.

Regular maintenance service is a reliable way to maintain manure shifting efficiency.

Preventive maintenance for reliable scraping

Keeping your manure shifting equipment working smoothly:

  • protects herd health
  • improves manure management
  • extends equipment durability
  • reduce the risk of emergencies

InService™ preventive maintenance protocols provide for your DeLaval manure shifting equipment to be serviced, tested and adjusted when needed. Any replacements are made with original parts.

Professional service you can trust

When you know your dairy farm equipment has to work efficiently 365 days a year, you need to be sure it will keep up to speed.

Regular scheduled service is the best way to maintain reliability, improve efficiency, and reduce the risk of emergencies. InService™ preventive maintenance services your dairy farm equipment to go the distance.   

“It takes a lot of the worry out of managing the farm. We don’t have to remember to order chemicals or parts; our technician just arrives and does our servicing when it’s due. We know that the plant will be serviced and liners changed at the right time. It also helps us to manage cash flow, because we know when to expect the maintenance charges. As a result the plant works very well,”

“We will definitely be renewing our service agreement again when it is due.”

Dwayne Neal, Laureldene Farms in Boyanup, Western Australia 

Our expertise is at your service

Our professional service technicians have specialized tools and equipment to properly test, measure, clean or adjust all DeLaval installations: not only milking equipment including DeLaval VMS, but also cooling, feeding and manure equipment. Professional service follows DeLaval service protocols, and any replacements are made with original parts.

No matter where you live, DeLaval InService™ offers a complete, flexible program of preventive maintenance and emergency service. We’re only a phone call away. 

Less worry

As we launched InService™ in 2008, we now have farmers who are on their third service agreement and are seeing clear improvements through increased productivity and better udder health.

One of the DeLaval farmers on his third consecutive InService™ agreement is Dwayne Neal. He and his family run Laureldene Farms in Boyanup, Western Australia, where they milk about 210 cows in a 20 unit plant with ALPRO™ herd management.

Service manure robotic scraper in a barn

Service man and a farmer

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