DeLaval strengthens focus on Biosecurity and Animal Health

Sick animals can be very expensive. To offset economic losses dairy farmers need to reduce the spread of animal diseases on-farm and secure overall animal health and welfare. DeLaval steps up its investment in Biosecurity development and Animal Health related products to support milk producers in managing these challenges.

Farm disease outbreaks represent health and environmental risks around the world. And they significantly raise dairy farmers’ costs. For example, a foot and mouth disease outbreak in 2001 cost the UK approximately £7bn. Vector-borne disease poses a threat to the welfare of farm animals, to the economics of livestock farming and to consumer confidence.

What we, as a company, are trying to do is to support dairy farmers balance the economic growth of their operations with the needs of society, animal health, and the environment,” DeLaval Vice President Business Area Aftermarket & Services Tim Nicolaï told a press briefing in Drongen, Belgium. “That helps our customers run a sustainable business for future generations,” he added.

The DeLaval Biosecurity programme has a strong focus on prevention, to stop disease from entering the farm. Infected animals develop organ dysfunctions, body lesions and stress which may in turn result in significant reduction of milk production and severe economic losses.
One of the new products DeLaval is launching is a high tech insecticide to control on-farm plagues that harass animals. Take flies for example, Nicolaï explains - they feed from secretions on the cow’s eyes, nose, teats, etc. Lacking the adequate fly control solution might mean that livestock is subjected to anxiety caused by constant fly harassment. Consequently, cows get distracted from feeding and that inevitably results in weight loss and lower milk yield and quality -not to mention exposure to the many diseases flies transmit.

Biosecurity is only one side of the story. Farmers must also consider animal health and, according to Nicolaï, these two areas must go hand in hand. “We intend to be a major player in these areas in the near future. To show our commitment we are opening a new state-of-the-art Good Manufacturing Practices facility,” he said.
The company’s goal is to assure milk producers maximum growth and productivity while improving animal welfare and farm sustainability.
DeLaval is investing in this particular segment of the business because it is very important to milk producers’ future. We are delighted to have this new facility in place because we can now satisfy our customers' needs for GMP solutions,” Nicolaï concluded.

The new facility answers to the new cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice) regulations. It will be based in Drongen (Belgium) and will produce veterinary medicinal products -targeted mainly at preventing mastitis- for dairy farmers in Europe, Africa, Middle East and Asia. DeLaval wants to offer dairy farmers advanced solutions to manage and control hoof/lameness problems, and nutritional as well as fertility disorders.

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