VMS among top-ranked milking robots in the world

The DeLaval Voluntary Milking System (VMS) ranks among the top Automatic Milking Systems (AMS) in the world for energy efficiency best practices, according to a recently released study from the Dansk Landbrugsrådgiving (Danish Agricultural Advisory Service). 

We are delighted to see these results because energy efficiency is one of the cornerstones of our VMS development. Our commitment is to achieve greater energy efficiency to strengthen dairy farmers’ economy and protect our environment,” DeLaval Director System VMS Jonas Hällman said.  

The independent report reviewed energy consumption per ton of milked produced. According to DeLaval, that is the right approach for measurement because it links energy cost and revenue. DeLaval VMS uses between 15 and 25 kWh per ton of milk. The study shows VMS registered an average of 19.5 kWh, a result in line with the company’s assessments.  

It’s like in the car industry, to really identify whether a car is efficient you need to know how many kilometres it runs on a litre of fuel. In the VMS case, the kWh used per ton of milk produced gives dairy farmers the relevant information they need about efficiency and real cost” Hällman said.    

According to the study, VMS registered higher water consumption than other systems. Hällman explains that the DeLaval system, unlike other milking robots, includes various automatic hygienic processes such as thorough individual teat preparation, external teat cup rinses and floor flushing. This combined volume of water is therefore factored into the total system consumption. These 24h automated hygiene processes are entirely adjustable and can be turned off, giving farmers full control.  

The DeLaval VMS is part of the company’s Sustainable Dairy Farming (SDF), an initiative to support dairy farmers do more with less with solutions that meet environmental challenges, respect animal welfare and benefit customers and society.  

VMS has been servicing dairy farmers for over 10 years; and more than 6000 units have been sold around the world. During the last decade the robot has been through extensive overhaul and upgrade, always seeking cost efficiency perfection. Reducing energy and water consumption will continue to be an integral element of DeLaval’s AMS strategy. 

The Dansk Landbrugsrådgiving study is currently available in Danish and will soon be published in English as well.

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