DeLaval invited to discuss food security with Prince Charles

When His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales visited Sweden last week, DeLaval was invited to discuss food security.

During Prince Charles’ visit in Sweden last week one topic of his agenda was to discuss the challenges related to food security at Stockholm Environmental Institute. This meeting was initiated by the prince himself who has shown a strong personal interest in sustainable development for decades, something he has expressed publicly several times.

Jan Agri, Manager of the Sustainable Dairy Farming Office at DeLaval, was invited as representative for the private sector to share our views on sustainable food production and food security in a round table discussion.

“It was an honor to be invited to meet the prince and a great opportunity for us to meet all these experts on sustainability. And of course it was also an acknowledgement that DeLaval has a strong commitment in supporting sustainable food production”, he says

Key message
A key message from the discussion was the importance of linking science and non- governmental organizations with the private sector and to tap into the enormous innovative capacity and resources of the private sector.

The other participants of the round table discussion were among others Ben Moxham (the UK Prime Minister's Advisor on Climate and Energy), Justin Mundy (HRH Prince of Wales' Advisor on Sustainability) and the Director of the Institute Johan Rockström.

Prince Charles is also a customer of DeLaval
In this quite small group of people, Jan was also invited to exchange a few words with Prince Charles. They touched upon the fact that the prince owns an organic Dairy Farm equipped with DeLaval solutions.  “His Royal Highness said it was very nice to learn that we are a supplier to his farm in Gloucestershire, Jan says. The herd at the farm is milked through DeLaval Tandem Parlour with Alpro and a DeLaval bulk milk tank.

Facts about Food security: The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing “when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life”. More about this on the website of The World Health Organization .

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