History of DeLaval

DeLaval was founded by Gustaf de Laval, a descendant of 17th century French émigrés, who was born 1845 in Dalarna, Sweden. A clever child and successful student, he graduated with a degree in engineering and then a Ph.D.

Gustaf de Laval: a history of making a difference

He patented the centrifugal separator in 1878 and a great number of inventions, including the milking machine and the steam turbine. As a result, he acquired an impressive reputation as both an inventor and industrialist, and through these channels he was also able to influence many other contemporary inventors.


The DeLaval legacy

During his lifetime, Gustaf de Laval acquired 92 Swedish patents and founded 37 companies. He was not only an outstanding inventor; he was a man who saw no limitations to what could be achieved by research. His inventions have lived on and evolved to create work for millions of people around the world.

At DeLaval we continue to work on the farmers’ behalf, striving to make a difference, by finding new ways and solutions to drive progress in milk production. We aim to improve milk quality, food production, animal welfare and the environment of both animal and milker.

Gustaf de Laval

Gustaf de Laval   

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